Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The Water Angel Checklist to a Great Night Out

Before you hit the town, make sure you run through the Water Angel night out checklist to make sure you always keep a good night good, from beginning to end - even keeping at bay that pesky hangover! 

1. Eat a proper meal - Eating is not cheating!!
Fill up on a proper meal before you start drinking to line your stomach and help soak up the alcohol. Eating before drinking can slow the absorption of alcohol by the body and boost your energy levels. Focus on healthy fats and sources of protein.

2. Don’t peak too early
There’s nothing worse than getting all hyped up for a great night out, only to not even make it into the club because you’re too drunk. Don’t spoil your night by peaking too early, take it slow and steady. Remember - have a glass of water in between your alcoholic drinks it really will stop you from peaking too early!

3. Plan your travel and stay safe
It’s all well and good dancing and having fun with your friends, but when you find yourself outside the club at 3am in the freezing cold, you’ll be grateful for an easy, pre-planned journey home. Book a taxi in advance or know your bus / train times, and write them in your phone if you tend to forget!Try to make travel arrangements with friends that way you won't be left by yourself and you might even save some money - if spreading the cost of a taxi!

4. Have emergency money
We must stress, emergency money is not for extra drinks…it’s for emergencies. Missed your taxi? Can’t find the bus stop? Have some cash tucked away in your purse ready for these kinds of situations. It’s always good to carry some extra money with you on a night out.

5. Stay hydrated
Between every alcoholic drink, have a glass of water too. This will help keep your hangover at bay and mean you can keep dancing all night long. Drink plenty of water before you go to bed and keep a glass next to your bed ready to rehydrate in the morning.

Remember your Water Angel and keep a good night good!!!