Monday, 21 May 2018

‘INT Water Brilliant!!’


To paraphrase a famous 90s milk advert ‘INT Water brilliant!’ – Water Angels certainly thinks so!

We all know that we are meant to drink water but why? What makes it so brilliant and why is it so important to us?  


Here are some of Water Angels’ favourite reasons:


It helps keep us healthy – studies have shown that drinking plenty of water instead of sugary drinks can cut the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease dramatically. Water helps to flush out toxins from your body through sweat and urination, which helps reduce the risk of urinary infections. It also helps to remove fat from your body, raises your metabolism and has zero calories!


It help keeps our skin clear – we often forget that our skin is the largest organ in the body and around 70% of it is made up from water, therefore it is essential we keep it well hydrated, especially if we want to keep it looking fresh and youthful.


A natural fatigue buster this might sound crazy but studies have shown that drinking water helps you concentrate, stay focused and provides a natural energy boost, increasing brain cell activity so much so that students who drank water before and during an exam did 10% better than their classmates.


Saves money one of the greatest things about water is that in most cases it is free; we can fill a bottle up at home and take it with us when we are out and about allowing us to keep hydrated all through the day. When out enjoying a meal with friends or a night on the town remember to ask for your free tap water; it will keep you hydrated and spread out the alcohol intake.


But how much should we be drinking? This is a much debated question but general guidance is that we should drink around 6 – 8 glasses of water a day; however, this varies significantly depending on what your activity level, age, health etc. all are. A really good indicator as to whether you are drinking enough water is looking at the colour of your wee; if it is the colour of a golden straw bale or darker then you need to drink more!